Translation of chingar in English:


to screw, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1Mexico vulgar slang

    to screw vulgar slang
    to fuck vulgar slang
  • 2Mexico vulgar slang

    no le hagas caso te lo dijo para chingar nada más don't take any notice of him, he only said it to annoy you
    • ¡deja de chingar! stop being such a pain in the ass!
    • me caso mañana — ¡no (me) chingues! I'm getting married tomorrow — you're kidding!
  • 3River Plate informal

    la pollera te chinga de atrás your skirt doesn't hang straight at the back

transitive verb

vulgar slang
  • 1Latin America

    (en sentido sexual)
    to fuck vulgar slang
    to screw vulgar slang
  • 2Mexico

    to screw vulgar slang
    si no lo haces te van a chingar if you don't do it, they'll screw you vulgar slang
    • ese no más se pasa chingando a todo el mundo that guy spends his life screwing people / shitting on people
    • chingarla
    • ¡no la chingues! ya cerraron el banco shit! the bank's already closed!
    • no sabés cómo la chingué I really put my foot in it

pronominal verb

  • 1Latin America vulgar slang

    (enfático, en sentido sexual)
    to fuck vulgar slang
    to screw vulgar slang
  • 2Mexico vulgar slang

    creyó que le darían el premio pero se chingó he thought he'd be given the prize but he got a shock / he was disappointed
    • se chingó el motor the engine's had it
    • encendió el cohete pero se chingó he lit the rocket but it didn't go off / it fizzled and went out
  • 3Mexico vulgar slang

    si no te gusta, te chingas if you don't like it, that's tough informal
    • no quisiste hacerme caso, ahora te chingas you wouldn't listen, so tough shit!
  • 4Mexico vulgar slang

    • 4.1(castigar)

      to give … a hard time

    • 4.2(robar)

      to rip … off informal