Translation of clasificar in English:


to sort, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (documentos/datos) to sort
    (documentos/datos) to put in order
    (cartas) to sort
    clasificaba las fichas por orden alfabético she was sorting / putting the cards into alphabetical order
  • 2

    (planta/animal/elemento) to classify
  • 3

    (hotel) to class
    (hotel) to rank
    (fruta) to class
    (persona) to class
    (persona) to rank
    está clasificado entre los mejores del mundo it ranks / it is ranked / it is classed among the best in the world

intransitive verb

Latin America
  • 1

    to qualify

pronominal verb

  • 1

    (para una etapa posterior)
    to qualify
    se clasificarán los tres primeros the first three will qualify
    • el equipo se clasificó para la final the team qualified for / got through to the final
  • 2

    (en una tabla, carrera)
    se clasificó en octavo lugar he finished in eighth place
    • con esta victoria se clasifican en quinto lugar with this victory they move into fifth place