Translation of cobrar in English:


to charge, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (precio/suma) to charge
      cobrar algo por algo to charge sth for sth
      me cobró $1.000 she charged me $1,000
      • nos cobran 30.000 pesos de alquiler they charge us / we pay 30,000 pesos in rent
      • me cobró una barbaridad por la comida/por cambiar el aceite he charged me a ridiculous amount for the meal/for changing the oil
      • cobran 500 pesos por kilómetro they charge 500 pesos per kilometer

    • 1.2

      cobra 2.000 euros al mes y no hace nada he earns 2,000 euros a month and does nothing
      • todavía no hemos cobrado la paga de junio we still haven't been paid for June
      • cobra el sueldo por el banco his salary is paid straight into the bank
      • todavía no ha ido a cobrar la pensión she still hasn't been to collect / draw her pension
      • cobró el subsidio de desempleo durante seis meses he received unemployment benefit for six months

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (alquiler/impuesto) to charge
      nos cobra un alquiler altísimo he charges us / we pay him a very high rent
      • te cobrarán el IVA you will be charged sales tax/VAT
      • no nos cobran la electricidad they don't charge us for electricity
      • vino a cobrar el alquiler she came for the rent / to collect the rent
      • el departamento que se encargará de cobrar el nuevo impuesto the department which will be responsible for the collection of the new tax

    • 2.2

      ¿me cobras estas cervezas, por favor? can you take for these beers, please?
      • se equivocó y me cobró el vino dos veces he made a mistake and charged me twice for the wine
      • está cobrando las entradas he's taking the money for the tickets

  • 3

    • 3.1

      (deuda) to recover
      vengo a cobrar esta factura I've come for payment of this bill
      • nunca llegó a cobrar esas facturas he never received payment for those bills
      • vino a cobrar la factura de la cocina she came to collect payment for the stove
      • lo único que hago es cobrar deudas all I do is collect debts

    • 3.2

      (cheque) to cash

  • 4Chile

    le cobré los libros que le presté I asked him to give back / return the books I'd lent him / I asked him for the books I'd lent him
    • cobrarle la palabra a algn to hold sb to his/her/their word
  • 5

    (gol/falta) (conceder) Sport to give Chile
    (gol/falta) (conceder) Sport to award Chile
    (tiro libre/pénal) (sacar) to take Peru
  • 6

    • 6.1(adquirir)

      cobrar importancia/fama to become important/famous
      • las negociaciones cobraron un nuevo impulso the negotiations were given fresh impetus
      • cobran especial relieve los trabajos del Instituto cuando … the work done by the Institute takes on special significance when …
      • se detuvo a cobrar fuerzas he stopped to get his strength back
      • cobró ánimos y fue a decírselo he plucked up the courage and went and told her

    • 6.2(tomar)

      cobrarle cariño a algn to grow fond of sb
      • con el tiempo le fui cobrando cariño as time went by I grew fond of her
      • cobrarle sentimientos a algn to be upset with sb

  • 7

    (en caza)
    • 7.1(matar)

      to shoot
      to bag

    • 7.2

      (perro) to retrieve

  • 8

    • 8.1formal

      (vidas/víctimas) to claim

    • 8.2

      (botín) to carry off

    • 8.3Nautical

      to haul in

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (por un servicio, unas mercancías)
    vino el lechero a cobrar the milkman came to be paid
    • ¿me cobra, por favor? can I have the check please?
    • llámame por cobrar call collect
  • 2

    (recibir el sueldo)
    to be paid
    llevamos dos meses sin cobrar we haven't been paid for two months
  • 3informal

    (recibir una paliza)
    ¡como no te estés quieto, vas a cobrar! if you don't keep still you're going to get it! informal

pronominal verb

  • 1

    (recibir dinero)
    tenga, cóbrese here you are
    • cóbrese las cervezas de aquí can you take for these beers?
  • 2

    (víctimas) to claim