Translation of desplazar in English:


transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1 formal (mover, correr)

      el aluvión desplazó todo lo que encontró a su paso the flood washed away everything in its path / carried everything before it
      • chocó contra el vehículo estacionado, desplazándolo unos 20 metros it collided with the stationary vehicle, shunting / carrying / pushing it a distance of some 20 meters

    • 1.2Physics

      to displace

    • 1.3Nautical

      to displace

    • 1.4Computing

      to scroll
      desplaza el texto horizontalmente it scrolls the text horizontally

  • 2

    (suplantar, relegar)
    desplazar a algo/algn

pronominal verb

  • 1 formal

    (trasladarse, moverse)
    (animal) to move around
    (animal) to move from one place to another
    (avión/barco) to travel
    (avión/barco) to go
    (persona) to travel
    (persona) to go
  • 2

    (voto) to swing
    (voto) to shift