Translation of extrañar in English:


to miss, v.

transitive verb

Latin America
  • 1

    (familia/novio) to miss
    (comida/clima/país) to miss
    te extrañé mucho cuando estuviste fuera I missed you badly while you were away
    • extraño mi cama I miss my own bed

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to surprise
    no me extraña it doesn't surprise me
    • me extraña que no haya escrito I'm surprised she hasn't written
    • ya me extrañaba a mí que no te lo hubiera contado I thought it was strange that he hadn't told you
    • no es de extrañar que te responda así it's hardly surprising that he should respond like that
  • 2River Plate

    (tener nostalgia)
    to be homesick

pronominal verb

  • 1

    to be surprised
    extrañarse de algo to be surprised at sth
    extrañarse de que + subj
    se extrañó de su negativa a asistir a la reunión she was surprised at his refusal to attend the meeting
    • yo no me extraño de nada de lo que sucede allí nothing that goes on there surprises me