Translation of plantear in English:


to set out, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Mathematics

      (problema) to set out

    • 1.2(exponer)

      plantéale las cosas tal como son tell him / explain to him exactly how things stand
      • me planteó la situación de la siguiente manera he explained / put the situation to me in the following way
      • planteó la necesidad de una reestructuración total she expressed the need for a total restructuring
      • las reivindicaciones que plantearon the demands which they put forward / made
      • le plantearé la cuestión a mi jefe I will raise the question with my boss
      • nos plantearon dos opciones they presented us with / gave us two options
      • le planteé la posibilidad de ir de vacaciones a Grecia I suggested going to Greece on vacation

  • 2

    (causar, provocar)
    (problemas/dificultades) to create
    (problemas/dificultades) to cause
    su dimisión planteó graves problemas his resignation created / caused serious problems
    • esto plantea situaciones cómicas this gives rise to / creates comic situations
  • 3

    (enfrentamiento/debate) to engage in

pronominal verb

  • 1

    (problema/posibilidad) to think about
    (problema/posibilidad) to consider
    ¿te has planteado lo que harás cuando termines de estudiar? have you thought about / considered what you'll do when you finish your studies?
    • nunca me había planteado esa posibilidad I had never considered that possibility
  • 2

    (problema/posibilidades) to arise
    se nos ha planteado un nuevo problema a new problem has arisen / has come up
    • se me planteó la siguiente disyuntiva I came up against / I was faced with the following dilemma
    • se le planteó la necesidad de abandonar el país he found he had to leave the country