Translation of ración in English:


share, n.

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feminine noun

  • 1

    ya ha tenido su ración de disgustos he's already had his share of misfortune
  • 2

    las raciones son muy abundantes the helpings / portions are very generous
  • 3

    (en un bar)
    ¿me pone una ración de calamares? a portion / plate of squid, please
    • hay raciones assorted dishes available
  • 4

    a media ración on half rations

  • 1

    • In Spain, a ración is a serving of food eaten in a bar or cafe, generally with a drink. Friends or relatives meet in a bar or cafe, order a number of raciones, and share them. Raciones tend to be larger and more elaborate than tapas. They may be: Spanish omelet, squid, octopus, cheese, ham, or chorizo, among others. See also pincho