How to plan time for essay writing

Writing is a complex developmental process as well as a final product, and everyone constructs an essay in different ways.

Whatever kind of a writer you are, writing a schedule or action plan for each essay will help you to manage your time. The following example of a schedule gives you an outline of the types of activities you need to consider and it is particularly useful for someone who is able to prepare an essay in specific stages.

7–8 November
Preparation: think about  question/discuss with tutor/assemble reading list
Notes: Appointment 10.30 am on Monday 7th
9–18 November
Library and other research
Notes: Need to book Simpson and Jarvis textbooks from Restricted Loan (try Thursday or Friday pm)
18/19 November
Assemble all notes/materials; write essay plan.
20–25 November
Write essay
Notes: Two drafts; leave one-day gap between 1st and 2nd drafts
26 November
Final read through; final tweaks if necessary.
Notes: Check references/bibliography. Ask Anna or Mark to read essay too if they have time!
27 November
Hand in essay

As you become more experienced in academic study you will come to develop your own learning style and be able to assess how long you need to spend on these tasks. However, you should always leave yourself plenty of time for preparing and completing the essay.

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