Tips For Going Out In Spanish-speaking Countries

Going out


The usual tip (la propina) given at a nice restaurant, for example, used to be about 10% of the bill, but nowadays due to the 'euro effect' this has gone down to about 5%. The service charge is often included in the bill at bars and restaurants now anyway.

Offering to pay a bill

There is a lot of show involved when offering to pay a bill, in which everyone must participate. Among friends the done thing is to split it. In other situations it is polite to allow the elder person or authority figure to win the argument and pay.

When to pay

In Spanish-speaking countries it would be considered rather strange to offer to pay when you order at a bar or café – this is only done when the total is added up on leaving.

What to give your host/hostess if invited for a meal

The best thing to take to someone's home would be flowers or chocolates. It's best to avoid taking a bottle of wine, as your hosts will expect to supply this.

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