Words Ending In -ant And -ent

These endings are used to form nouns (such as deodorant or adolescent) or adjectives (such as arrogant and convenient). Similar rules apply to these words as to words ending in -ance and -ence, or -ancy and -ency.

Here are some common nouns and adjectives ending in -ant:

abundant; contestant; defiant; ignorant; relevant; radiant; assistant; consultant; fragrant; pleasant; hesitant; observant; important; distant; attendant; instant; dominant; redundant; brilliant; elegant; tolerant; expectant; significant; reluctant; vigilant; applicant.

These are some common words ending in -ent:

different; present; innocent; prominent; efficient; eloquent; insolent; recent; lenient; prudent; intelligent; eminent; resident; evident; confident; silent; consistent; sufficient; continent; patient; imminent; competent; recurrent; transient; permanent; persistent; incident.

Words to watch

One or two words can end in both -ant or -ent. They are both nouns and adjectives and the spelling depends on their part of speech. The main examples are:

dependant or dependentdependent
pendantpendant or pendent


Remember that independent is always spelled with -ent at the end, whether it is being used as an adjective or a noun.

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