Synonyms of adhere in English:


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1‘a little dollop of cream adhered to her nose’

stick, stick fast, cling, hold fast, cohere, bond, attach
be stuck, be fixed, be pasted, be glued

2‘they adhere scrupulously to Judaic law’

abide by, stick to, hold to, comply with, stand by, be faithful to, act in accordance with, pay attention to, pay regard to, go along with, cooperate with, conform to, submit to
take to heart, bear in mind, be guided by
follow, obey, heed, observe, respect, uphold, fulfil

flout, ignore

3‘most of the county adhered to the episcopal church’

be attached to, be connected with, be affiliated to, be a member of
follow, support, give support to, cleave to, be loyal to, be faithful to, remain true to
informal stick with