Synonyms of adjustment in English:


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1‘new teachers face a challenging period of adjustment’

adaptation, adapting, accustoming, accommodation, accommodating, acclimatization, reconciliation, inurement, habituation, habituating, familiarization, acculturation, naturalization, assimilation, assimilating, harmonization
settling in, settling down
North American acclimation

2‘the car will run on unleaded petrol with no adjustment’

modification, modifying, alteration, adaptation, regulation, regulating, rearrangement, change, converting, conversion
remodelling, revamping, restyling, reshaping, reconstruction, transformation, variation, customization, tailoring, refinement, refining
fixing, mending, repair, correction, correcting, amendment, amending, rectifying, overhauling, overhaul, improvement
informal jiggering, tweaking, twiddling, patching up