Synonyms of advantage in English:


See definition of advantage


1‘the advantages of belonging to a union’

benefit, value, reward, merit, good point, strong point, asset, plus, bonus, boon, blessing, virtue, privilege, perk, fringe benefit, additional benefit, added extra
attraction, desirability, beauty, usefulness, helpfulness, convenience, advantageousness, expedience, expediency, profit, profitability, advisability
formal perquisite

disadvantage, drawback, handicap

2‘they appeared to be gaining the advantage over their opponents’

upper hand, edge, lead, head, whip hand, trump card
superiority, dominance, ascendancy, supremacy, primacy, precedence, power, mastery, control, sway, authority
North American informal the catbird seat
Australian, New Zealand informal the box seat

3‘they exploit natural resources to their own advantage’

benefit, profit, gain, good, interest, welfare, well-being, enjoyment, satisfaction, comfort, ease, convenience
help, aid, assistance, use, utility, service, purpose, effect, object, reason, worth
informal mileage, percentage



    take advantage of

    1‘you are trying to take advantage of my staff and my friends’


    exploit, abuse, impose on, prey on, play on, misuse, ill-treat, bleed, suck dry, squeeze, wring, enslave, treat unfairly, withhold rights from

    manipulate, cheat, swindle, fleece, victimize, live off the backs of


    walk over, walk all over, take for a ride, put one over on, cash in on, rip off

    2‘we encourage farmers to take advantage of this free service’


    make use of, utilize, put to use, use, use to good advantage, put to good use, turn to good use, make the most of, capitalize on, benefit from, turn to account, draw on

    profit by, profit from, make capital out of


    cash in on, milk