Synonyms of affected in English:


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1‘he was talking in the rather affected boom he used with strangers’

pretentious, high-flown, ostentatious, pompous, grandiose, over-elaborate, overblown, overripe, overworked, overdone
contrived, forced, laboured, strained, stiff, posed, stagy, studied, mannered, hollow, insincere, unconvincing
artificial, unnatural, assumed, pretended, feigned, false, fake, faked, counterfeit, sham, simulated, spurious, pseudo, mock, imitation
informal la-di-da, hoity-toity, highfalutin, fancy-pants, posey, pseud, phoney, fakey, pretend, put on
British informal poncey, posh, toffee-nosed

natural, unpretentious, genuine