Synonyms of assistant in English:


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1‘he spent three years as a photographer's assistant’

subordinate, deputy, auxiliary, second, second in command, number two, lieutenant, right-hand man, right-hand woman, wingman, aide, personal assistant, PA, attendant, mate, apprentice, junior
henchman, underling, hired hand, hired help, servant
helper, aider, colleague, associate, partner, confederate, accomplice, collaborator, accessory, abetter, supporter, backer
informal vice, girl Friday, man Friday, sidekick, skivvy, running dog, gofer, gopher
British informal dogsbody, poodle
North American informal body man

2‘Judy was an assistant in the local shop’

sales assistant, shop assistant, retail assistant, salesperson, saleswoman, salesman, saleslady, salesgirl, server, checkout girl, checkout person, checkout operator
seller, vendor
North American clerk, sales clerk
informal counter-jumper, sales rep, pusher
dated shop boy, shop girl, shopman