Synonyms of beggar in English:


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1‘he never turned any beggar from his kitchen door’

tramp, beggarman, beggarwoman, vagrant, vagabond, down-and-out, homeless person, derelict, mendicant
pauper, poor person
North American hobo
informal scrounger, sponger, cadger, freeloader, bag lady, have-not, crusty
British informal dosser
North American informal bum, moocher, mooch, schnorrer
Australian, New Zealand informal bagman, swagman, bludger
rare clochard

2‘he's been on holiday for three weeks, lucky beggar!’

fellow, thing, individual, soul, character, creature, wretch
person, man, woman, boy, girl
informal guy, fella, devil, bunny, bastard
British informal chap, bloke, bugger, sod, bod
North American informal dude, hombre
informal, dated body, dog
British informal, dated cove
archaic wight


1‘the latest crisis beggared nearly half the population’

impoverish, make poor, reduce to poverty, reduce to penury, reduce to destitution, bankrupt, make bankrupt, make destitute, ruin, wipe out, break, cripple
bring someone to their knees
rare pauperize