Synonyms of boozer in English:


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1‘he is a notorious boozer and womanizer’

drinker, heavy drinker, problem drinker, drunk, drunkard, alcoholic, dipsomaniac, alcohol-abuser, alcohol addict, person with a drink problem
tippler, imbiber, sot, toper, inebriate
informal lush, alky, dipso, soak, tosspot, wino, sponge, barfly
US informal juicehead
Australian, New Zealand informal hophead, metho
vulgar slang pisshead, piss artist

2‘I'm off down the boozer for a bottle of the usual’

bar, wine bar, inn, tavern, hostelry, roadhouse
British pub, public house
Scottish howff
North American cafe
Canadian beer parlour
Australian, New Zealand hotel
informal watering hole
British informal local
North American informal gin mill
historical alehouse, pot-house, taphouse, beerhouse
North American historical saloon