Synonyms of brawl in English:


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1‘a drunken brawl’

fight, fist fight, skirmish, scuffle, tussle, fracas, scrimmage, fray, melee, rumpus, altercation, wrangle, clash, free-for-all, scrum, brouhaha, commotion, uproar
fisticuffs, rough and tumble
Irish, North American, Australian donnybrook
dated affray
informal scrap, dust-up, set-to, shindy
British informal punch-up, bust-up, ruck, bit of argy-bargy
British informal afters
Scottish informal rammy, swedge, square go
North American informal roughhouse, brannigan
Australian, New Zealand informal stoush
rare broil, bagarre


1‘he ended up brawling with photographers’

fight, skirmish, scuffle, tussle, exchange blows, come to blows, struggle, grapple, wrestle, scrimmage
informal scrap, have a dust-up, have a set-to
British informal have a punch-up
Scottish informal swedge
North American informal roughhouse
Australian, New Zealand informal stoush, go the knuckle