Synonyms of come across in English:

come across

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1‘they came across two of his friends’

find by chance, meet by chance, meet up with, run into, run across, come upon, chance on, stumble on, happen on, light on, hit on
discover, encounter, find, unearth, uncover, locate, bring to light
informal bump into, dig up

2‘this emotion comes across in both books’

be communicated, be perceived, penetrate, get through, get across, be got across, be clear, be understood, be comprehended, register, be taken in, sink in, be grasped, strike home

3‘she came across as cool and unemotional’

seem, appear, look, sound, give the impression of being, have the air of being, have the appearance of being, strike someone as, look as though one is, look to be
British come over
North American come off

4‘there was always a chance that she'd come across with some more information’

hand over, give, deliver, produce, part with, pay up
informal come up with, fork out, shell out, dish out, cough up
North American informal make with, ante up, pony up