Synonyms of count in English:


See definition of count


1‘he was counting a stack of dollar bills’

add up, add together, find the sum of, sum up, reckon up, figure up, calculate, compute, enumerate, total, tally, add
British tot up
dated cast up

2‘you do need to be accurate in counting calories’

keep a tally of, keep a count of, keep a record of
count up, count off, enumerate, tell, work out

3‘there were seventy people backstage, not counting the actors’

include, take into account, take account of, take into consideration, allow for, incorporate

4‘I count it a privilege to be asked to become chairman’

consider, think, feel, regard, look on as, view as, see as, hold to be, judge, adjudge, rate as, deem to be, account, esteem

5‘I was made to feel that, because I'm not married, my baby and I don't count’

matter, enter into consideration, be of consequence, be of account, be significant, signify, mean anything, mean a lot, amount to anything, rate, be important, be influential, carry weight, weigh, make an impression
informal cut any ice, have any clout


1‘at the last count, the committee had 579 members’

calculation, enumeration, computation, reckoning, counting, telling, tally, tallying, totting up
poll, census, listing, register

2‘tests showed she had a raised white blood cell count’

amount, number, tally, total, total number, sum total, grand total, full amount, aggregate, whole


    count someone or something in

    ‘Marie nodded enthusiastically. ‘Count me in!’’

    include, involve, bring in, take in, admit, introduce, add, enter, incorporate
    take into account, take account of, take note of, allow for
    allow to participate, allow to take part, let someone in on something
    out for the count

    unconscious, comatose, knocked out, inert, insensible, senseless, insensate, insentient
    anaesthetized, soundly asleep
    informal out, out cold, zonked out, dead to the world, kayoed, KO'd
    British informal spark out
    rare soporose, soporous
    count on

    1‘he could usually be counted on to give lifts’

    rely on, depend on, place reliance on, lean on, bank on, trust, be sure of, trust in, place one's trust in, have confidence in, have every confidence in, believe in, put one's faith in, pin one's faith on, swear by, take for granted, take on trust, take as read

    2‘they hadn't counted on Rangers' indomitable spirit’

    expect, reckon on, anticipate, envisage, predict, foresee, forecast, foretell, think likely, contemplate the possibility of, allow for, be prepared for, bargain for, bargain on, bank on, plan on, calculate on
    North American informal figure on
    archaic apprehend
    count someone or something out

    ‘I think you'd better count me out’

    exclude, omit, leave out, rule out, except, reject, drop, eliminate, cut out, keep out
    pass over, disregard, ignore