Synonyms of crucify in English:


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1‘the day on which Jesus was crucified’

nail to a cross, hang on a cross
execute, put to death, kill, martyr

2‘she had been crucified by Hamish's departure’

devastate, crush, shatter, hurt deeply, wound, pain, distress, harrow, agonize, mortify, torment, torture
cause agony to, cause suffering to, cause pain to, inflict anguish on

3‘modern teachers are being crucified for their methods’

condemn, criticize severely, attack, tear apart, tear to pieces, censure, denounce, arraign, lambaste, pillory, carp at, cavil at, rail against, inveigh against, cast aspersions on, pour scorn on, disparage, denigrate, deprecate, malign, revile, vilify, besmirch, run down, give a bad press to
North American slur
informal knock, pan, slam, hammer, blast, bad-mouth, nitpick about, throw brickbats at, give flak to, lay into, lace into, pull to pieces, pull apart, pick holes in, hit out at, maul, savage, roast, skewer
British informal slag off, have a go at, give some stick to, slate, rubbish, monster
North American informal pummel, cut up, trash
Australian, New Zealand informal bag
dated rate
archaic slash, vituperate against, reprobate
rare animadvert on, animadvert upon, objurgate, excoriate, asperse, derogate, reprehend


4‘he was crucified by Faldo in the 1990 championship’

trounce, defeat utterly, beat hollow, annihilate, drub, give a drubbing to, crush, rout
informal hammer, clobber, thrash, paste, pound, pulverize, slaughter, massacre, murder, flatten, demolish, destroy, wipe the floor with, take to the cleaners, make mincemeat of, turn inside out
British informal stuff, marmalize
North American informal shellac, cream, skunk, blow out
US informal own