Synonyms of declaim in English:


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1‘he spoke like a preacher declaiming from the pulpit’

make a speech, give an address, give a talk, give a lecture, make an oration, deliver a sermon, give a sermon
speak, hold forth, orate, pronounce, preach, lecture, sermonize, moralize
informal sound off, mouth off, spiel, spout, speechify, preachify, jaw
rare perorate

2‘they loved to hear him declaim poetry’

recite, say aloud, read aloud, read out loud, read out
quote, deliver, render
informal spout
rare bespout

3‘he declaimed against the evils of society’

speak out, protest strongly, make a protest, make a stand, rail, inveigh, fulminate, rage, thunder
rant about, expostulate about, make a fuss about, express disapproval of
condemn, criticize, castigate, attack, decry, disparage
informal mouth off about, kick up a stink about, go on about
rare vociferate