Synonyms of derisory in English:


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1‘it was sold at auction for a derisory sum’

inadequate, insufficient, tiny, small, minimal, trifling, paltry, pitiful
miserly, miserable
negligible, token, nominal
ridiculous, laughable, ludicrous, risible, preposterous, absurd
insulting, contemptible, outrageous
informal measly, stingy, lousy, pathetic, piddling, piffling, mingy
British informal poxy
North American informal nickel-and-dime

2‘there were derisory calls from the crowd’

mocking, ridiculing, jeering, scoffing, jibing, pillorying, teasing, derisive, snide
disdainful, disparaging, denigratory, dismissive, slighting, detracting, contemptuous
sneering, scornful, taunting, insulting
caustic, scathing, sarcastic
satirical, lampooning
informal snidey
British informal sarky
rare contumelious

respectful, praising