Synonyms of effrontery in English:


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1‘I am amazed at the effrontery with which the previous speaker lauds himself’

impudence, impertinence, cheek, insolence, cheekiness, audacity, temerity, brazenness, forwardness, front, presumption, nerve, gall, pertness, boldness, shamelessness, impoliteness, disrespect, bad manners, unmannerliness, overfamiliarity
answering back, talking back
informal brass, brass neck, neck, face, lip, mouth, cockiness
British informal sauce
Scottish informal snash
North American informal sass, sassiness, nerviness, chutzpah, back talk
informal, dated hide
British informal, dated crust, backchat
rare malapertness, contumely, procacity, assumption



    have the effrontery

    ‘one councillor had the effrontery to suggest that 80,000 objectors were an insufficient number of people to be taken into consideration’

    dare, make so bold as, be so bold as, presume, have the temerity, have the audacity, have the nerve, be brave enough, have the courage, go so far as
    take the liberty of