Synonyms of excite in English:


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1‘the prospect of a holiday excited me’

thrill, exhilarate, animate, enliven, rouse, stir, move, stimulate, galvanize, electrify, fire the imagination of, fire the enthusiasm of
delight, enrapture, intoxicate
informal send, tickle, tickle someone pink, buck up, pep up, ginger up, give someone a buzz, give someone a kick, get someone going
North American informal light a fire under, give someone a charge
rare inspirit

bore, depress

2‘the passion in the kiss excited them both’

arouse, arouse sexually, make someone feel sexually excited, stimulate, titillate, inflame
please, attract, entice
informal turn someone on, give someone a thrill, get someone going, float someone's boat, do it for someone, light someone's fire, tickle someone's fancy

turn off

3‘his clothes excited envy and admiration’

provoke, stir up, elicit, rouse, arouse, stimulate, kindle, trigger, trigger off, touch off, spark off, awaken, incite, instigate, foment, bring out, cause, bring about
literary enkindle