Synonyms of expend in English:


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1‘they had already expended $75,000 in legal costs’

spend, pay out, lay out, disburse, dole out, get through, go through
lavish, squander, waste, fritter, fritter away, dissipate, spend like water, throw around like confetti
informal fork out, shell out, dish out, cough up, blow, splurge, pour down the drain, throw down the drain, spend money as if it grows on trees, spend money as if there were no tomorrow, spend money as if it were going out of fashion, spend money as if it were going out of style
British informal splash out, stump up, blue
North American informal ante up, pony up

save, conserve

2‘pushing heavy crates expends a lot of energy’

use up, use, utilize, make use of, consume, eat up, deplete, drain, sap
exhaust, empty, get through, go through, finish off