Synonyms of fall out in English:

fall out

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1‘let's not fall out over silly things’

quarrel, argue, row, fight, have a row, have a fight, squabble, bicker, have words, disagree, differ, have a difference of opinion, have a disagreement, be at odds, clash, wrangle, get into conflict, get into a dispute, cross swords, lock horns, be at loggerheads, be at each other's throats
informal scrap, argufy, go at it hammer and tongs, argy-bargy
archaic altercate, chop logic
Scottish archaic threap

make up

2‘the soldier fell out without permission’

move out of formation, move out of line, get out of line, get out of formation
stand at ease

fall in

3‘it fell out that we lost’

happen, occur, come about, take place, turn out, chance, arise, befall, result