Synonyms of fraud in English:


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1‘his business partner was arrested for fraud’

fraudulence, sharp practice, cheating, swindling, trickery, artifice, deceit, deception, double-dealing, duplicity, treachery, chicanery, skulduggery, imposture, embezzlement
informal monkey business, funny business, crookedness, hanky-panky, shenanigans, flimflam
British informal jiggery-pokery
North American informal monkeyshines
archaic management, knavery

2‘they were accomplices in a fraud’

deception, trick, cheat, hoax, subterfuge, stratagem, wile, ruse, artifice, swindle, racket
informal scam, con, con trick, rip-off, leg-pull, sting, gyp, kite, diddle
British informal fiddle, swizzle
North American informal bunco, boondoggle, hustle, grift
Australian informal rort

3‘they exposed him as a fraud’

impostor, fake, sham, pretender, hoodwinker, masquerader, charlatan, quack, mountebank
swindler, fraudster, racketeer, cheat, cheater, double-dealer, trickster, confidence trickster
informal phoney, con man, con artist
dated confidence man

4‘the report is a fraud’

sham, hoax, imitation, copy, dummy, mock-up
fake, forgery, counterfeit
informal phoney, dupe