Synonyms of frustrate in English:


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1‘the settlers' attempts at agriculture were frustrated by the climate’

thwart, defeat, foil, block, stop, put a stop to, counter, spoil, check, balk, circumvent, disappoint, forestall, bar, dash, scotch, quash, crush, derail, nip in the bud, baffle, nullify, snooker
obstruct, impede, hamper, hinder, stifle, fetter, hamstring, cripple, put a brake on, stand in the way of, spike someone's guns
informal stymie, foul up, screw up, put the kibosh on, put the lid on, banjax, do for
British informal scupper

help, facilitate

2‘the objections of his colleagues clearly frustrated him’

exasperate, infuriate, annoy, anger, madden, vex, irritate, irk, embitter, sour, get someone's back up, try someone's patience
discourage, dishearten, dispirit, depress, dissatisfy, make discontented
informal aggravate, drive mad, drive crazy, bug, miff, hack off, get to, get under someone's skin, give someone the hump
British informal wind up, get on someone's wick, nark