Synonyms of hang on in English:

hang on

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1‘he hung on to the back of her coat’

hold on to, hold fast to, grip, clutch, grasp, hold tightly, cling to, cling on to
literary cleave to

let go of

2‘the whole credibility of electoral reform hangs on this decision’

depend on, be dependent on, turn on, hinge on, rest on, be based on, be conditional on, be contingent upon, be determined by, be decided by, be conditioned by, revolve around

3‘she hung on his every word’

listen closely to, attend closely to, pay close attention to, be very attentive to, concentrate hard on, pay heed to, lend an ear to, give ear to, be rapt by
informal be all ears for
archaic hearken to

pay no attention to

4‘I will hang on until there are other people who can take the campaign forward’

persevere, hold out, hold on, go on, carry on, keep on, keep going, keep at it, not give up
continue, persist, remain, stay the course, stay with it, struggle on, plod on, plough on
informal soldier on, plug away, peg away, stick at it, stick it out, hang in there, bash on

give up

5‘hang on, let me think for a moment’

wait, wait a minute, hold on, stop
hold the line
informal hold your horses, sit tight
British informal hang about