Synonyms of keep something back in English:

keep something back

See definition of keep


1‘every week she kept back a portion of the money he gave her’

reserve, keep in reserve, put by, save, save up, store up, put aside, lay aside, set aside, hoard, treasure
retain, hold back, keep, keep for oneself, hold on to, not part with, keep in one's possession
North American set by
informal keep for a rainy day, stash away

2‘she kept back the details from Ann’

conceal, keep secret, keep hidden, hide, withhold, suppress, keep quiet about, not tell, not reveal, not divulge, hush up

disclose, divulge

3‘she could hardly keep back her tears’

suppress, stifle, withhold, choke back, fight back, hold back, hold in, restrain, repress, check, keep in check, keep under control, contain, curb, smother, swallow, bottle up, bite back

let out