Synonyms of knock someone out in English:

knock someone out

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1‘I hit him with the axe and knocked him out’

stun, strike unconscious, knock unconscious, render unconscious, knock senseless, stupefy, daze, lay out, floor, prostrate, level
informal KO, kayo, knock cold, put out cold

2‘England had been knocked out of the World Cup’

beat, defeat, vanquish, overwhelm, overthrow, overcome, get the better of, trounce

3‘walking that far knocked her out’

exhaust, wear out, tire out, overtire, overtax, tire, fatigue, weary, enervate, drain, sap, debilitate, enfeeble, prostrate
informal do in, take it out of, fag out, frazzle
British informal knacker
North American informal poop

4‘the view from my window knocked me out’

overwhelm, overpower, stun, stupefy, amaze, astound, astonish, stagger, take someone's breath away, leave someone open-mouthed, dumbfound, confound, take aback
impress, dazzle, enchant, entrance
informal bowl over, flabbergast, knock sideways, knock for six, hit like a ton of bricks, floor, blow away