Synonyms of lay something down in English:

lay something down

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1‘he laid down his glass’

put down, set down, place down, deposit, drop, station, leave, rest
informal dump, bung down, plonk down

2‘they were forced to lay down their weapons’

relinquish, surrender, give up, yield, cede, turn over
disarm, give in, submit, capitulate, raise the white flag, show the white flag, throw in the sponge, throw in the towel, demilitarize

3‘the ground rules laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority’

formulate, stipulate, set down, draw up, frame
prescribe, order, command, ordain, dictate, decree, enjoin, assert
pronounce, announce, proclaim, promulgate
enact, pass, direct, decide, determine, impose, establish, institute, specify, fix, codify

4‘I like to buy young wines and lay them down for a few years’

store, put into store, keep for future use, keep, save