Synonyms of lay something out in English:

lay something out

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1‘Robyn laid the plans out on the desk’

spread out, set out, arrange, display, exhibit, distribute, line up, order

fold up, put away

2‘a pamphlet which tells you how to lay out election leaflets’

design, plan, set out, arrange
map out, outline, sketch out, rough out, block out, detail, draw up, formulate, work out, frame, draft, plot out, trace out

3‘he had to lay out $70 on antibiotics’

spend, expend, pay, disburse, contribute, part with, invest, put in, devote, use up, donate, give
lavish, squander, waste, dissipate
informal shell out, fork out, dish out, splurge
British informal stump up
North American informal ante up, pony up