Synonyms of leader in English:


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1‘the leader of the Democratic Party’

chief, head, principal, boss
commander, captain
figurehead, controller, superior, kingpin, headman, mover and shaker
chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, chair, convener, moderator
director, managing director, MD, manager, superintendent, supervisor, overseer, administrator, employer, master, mistress, foreman
president, premier, governor
ruler, monarch, king, queen, sovereign, emperor, tsar, prince, princess, lord, lord and master
elder, patriarch
guru, mentor, authority
informal boss man, skipper, top dog, number one, big cheese, big noise, bigwig, big shot
British informal gaffer, guv'nor
North American informal honcho, Mister Big, numero uno, sachem, padrone

follower, supporter

2‘a world leader in the use of video conferencing’

pioneer, front runner, innovator, trailblazer, pathfinder, groundbreaker, trendsetter, leading light, guiding light, torchbearer, flagbearer, pacemaker, originator, initiator, developer, discoverer, founder, architect
formal neoteric