Synonyms of mire in English:


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1‘when it's wet it's a mire out there’

swamp, bog, morass, peat bog, quagmire, quag, slough, sump, quicksand, fen, fenland, swampland, marshland, wetland, salt marsh, saltings, salina
North American bayou, moor

2‘her horse was spattered with mire’

mud, slime, sludge, dirt, filth, ooze, muck
British dialect clag

3‘they have pulled themselves out of the mire by winning five matches out of six’

mess, difficulty, plight, predicament, emergency, tight spot, tight corner, mass of problems, straits, trouble, quandary, dilemma, problem, muddle, mix-up, confusion, complication, imbroglio, entanglement
informal jam, fix, pickle, spot, stew, hot water, hole, fine kettle of fish, pretty kettle of fish, scrape


1‘Frank's horse got mired in a bog hole’

get bogged down, sink, sink down, stick in the mud

2‘the children were mired from playing outside’

dirty, soil, muddy, begrime, spatter, smear, make dirty, make muddy, cake with dirt, cake with soil

3‘since his fall from grace he had been mired in lawsuits’

entangle, tangle up, embroil, enmesh, catch up, mix up, involve, bog down