Synonyms of nosh in English:


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1‘all kinds of lovely nosh’

food, sustenance, nourishment, nutriment, fare, daily bread, groceries, rations, iron rations
snacks, titbits, eatables
informal nibbles, eats, grub, bread, chow
British informal scoff
North American informal chuck
archaic victuals, vittles, meat, viands, commons

2‘I could have had a nosh in any pub in town’

meal, snack
something to eat
informal spread, blowout, bite, bite to eat, nosh-up, feed
British informal, dated tuck-in
North American informal square


1‘the privileged can nosh smoked salmon while watching the proceedings’

eat, munch, munch on, ingest, consume, take, partake of, taste, swallow, devour, feast on, gulp, gulp down, gobble, gobble down, wolf, wolf down, scoff, scoff down, tuck in, tuck into, breakfast, breakfast on, lunch, lunch on, dine, dine on
have breakfast, have lunch, have dinner, have tea, have supper
informal get stuck into
British informal shift, gollop, bevvy, get one's laughing gear round
North American informal scarf, scarf down, scarf up, snarf, snarf down, snarf up, inhale
rare ingurgitate, bib