Synonyms of officer in English:


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1‘an officer of the county court’

representative, agent, deputy, messenger, envoy

2‘the officers of the society are under considerable pressure’

committee member, official, office-holder, office-bearer, board member, public servant, administrator, commissioner, executive, functionary, bureaucrat, dignitary
derogatory apparatchik

3‘all officers carry warrant cards’

police officer, policeman, policewoman, PC, WPC, officer of the law, detective, DC
British constable
North American roundsman, trooper, peace officer, lawman
gendarme, flic
informal cop, pig, woodentop
British informal copper, busy, bizzy, plod, rozzer, bobby
North American informal narc, gumshoe, bear, uniform
Australian, New Zealand informal demon, walloper, John Hop
informal, dated tec, dick, flatfoot, flattie
archaic peeler, bluebottle, finger, bogey, runner