Synonyms of pretend in English:


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1‘they just pretend to listen’

make as if, profess, affect
dissimulate, dissemble, pose, posture, put it on, put on a false front, go through the motions, sham, fake it
informal kid

2‘if you like, I'll pretend to be the dragon’

put on an act, make believe, play at, act, play-act, pass oneself off as, bluff, impersonate

3‘it was useless to pretend innocence’

feign, sham, fake, simulate, put on, counterfeit, affect

4‘he did not even pretend to a crushing burden of work’

claim, lay claim to, make a claim to, purport to have, profess to have, go through the motions of having


1‘she picked up the phone and had a pretend conversation’

imaginary, imagined, pretended, make-believe, made-up, fantasy, fantasized, fancied, dream, dreamed-up, unreal, fanciful, invented, fictitious, fictive, mythical, feigned, fake, mock, imitative, sham, simulated, artificial, ersatz, dummy, false, faux, spurious, bogus, counterfeit, fraudulent, forged, pseudo
phoney, fakey
South African play-play