Synonyms of puzzle in English:


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1‘Isabelle's apparent change of heart puzzled me’

perplex, confuse, bewilder, bemuse, baffle, mystify, confound, nonplus, throw, set someone thinking
informal flummox, discombobulate, faze, stump, beat, make someone scratch their head, fog
archaic wilder, gravel, maze, pose
rare obfuscate

2‘she lay awake for some time, puzzling over the problem’

think hard about, give much thought to, rack one's brains about, mull over, muse over, ponder, brood about, contemplate, meditate on, consider, reflect on, deliberate on, chew over, turn over in one's mind, cogitate on, wonder about, ask oneself about
archaic pore on

3‘Amanda was trying to puzzle out what her father had meant’

work out, understand, comprehend, think out, think through, sort out, reason out, solve, make sense of, get to the bottom of, make head or tail of, unravel, untangle, decipher, decode, find the key to, piece together
informal figure out, suss out, crack


1‘the meaning of the poem has always been a puzzle’

enigma, mystery, paradox, conundrum, poser, riddle, question, question mark, problem
informal stumper