Synonyms of rave in English:


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1‘the old man was raving about Armageddon and the fires of hell’

talk wildly, babble, jabber, ramble, maunder
talk incoherently, be delirious

2‘I was angry as hell—I raved and swore at them’

rant, rant and rave, rage, explode in anger, lose one's temper, be beside oneself, storm, fulminate, deliver a harangue, deliver a tirade, go into a frenzy, lose control
shout, roar, thunder, bellow
be very angry, be furious, be enraged, be incensed, fume
informal fly off the handle, flip one's lid, blow one's top, go up the wall, blow a fuse, go off the deep end, hit the roof, go through the roof, be livid, have a fit, lose one's cool, go mad, go bananas, go wild, freak out, have steam coming out of one's ears, foam at the mouth, froth at the mouth, go ape, be fit to be tied
British informal go spare, go crackers
North American informal flip one's wig
vulgar slang go apeshit

3‘he raved about her talent and predicted she'd win all the Oscars’

praise enthusiastically, go into raptures about, go into raptures over, wax lyrical about, sing the praises of, praise to the skies, heap praise on, rhapsodize over, enthuse about, enthuse over, gush about, gush over, throw bouquets at, express delight over, acclaim, eulogize, extol
informal go wild about, be mad about, go on about
British informal big someone up, big something up
North American informal ballyhoo
dated cry someone up, cry something up
rare laud, panegyrize

criticize, condemn


1‘the imaginative menu won raves from the local food critics’

enthusiastic praise, lavish praise, a rapturous reception, tribute, plaudits, encomiums, bouquets
acclaim, applause

criticism, condemnation

2‘their annual fancy-dress rave’

party, social gathering, gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity, jamboree, reception, at-home, soirée, social
dance, ball, ceilidh, frolic, carousal, carouse
North American fete, hoedown, shower, bake, cookout, levee
Australian, New Zealand corroboree
West Indian bashment
informal bash, shindig, shindy, blowout, beer-up, disco, do, shebang, bop, hop, whoopee, after-party
British informal rave-up, thrash, knees-up, beanfeast, beano, bunfight, jolly, lig
Irish informal hooley, crack
North American informal blast, wingding, kegger
Australian, New Zealand informal shivoo, rage, ding, jollo, rort
South African informal jol
dated squash, squeeze, ding-dong

3‘TV news reports have depicted raves as all-night drug parties’

warehouse party, acid house party
informal all-nighter


1‘his big break came when a critic gave him a rave review’

very enthusiastic, rapturous, glowing, ecstatic, full of praise, rhapsodic, laudatory, eulogistic, panegyrical, excellent, highly favourable