Synonyms of rehearse in English:


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1‘I had rehearsed this role for years’

prepare, practise, try out, read through, sing through, walk through, run over, run through, go over
North American informal run down

2‘he was rehearsing with the rest of the band’

practise, have a practice session, prepare, have a trial performance, go through one's paces

3‘I recall him rehearsing the Vienna Philharmonic in two works by Tchaikovsky’

train, drill, prepare, coach, tutor, groom, put someone through their paces, teach, instruct, school, direct, guide, inculcate

4‘this carefully worded document rehearsed the arguments for making the joint award’

enumerate, list, itemize, detail, spell out, set out, present, specify, name, give, describe, delineate, catalogue, recite, rattle off
restate, repeat, reiterate, recapitulate, recount, go over, run through, review
informal recap