Synonyms of relieve oneself in English:

relieve oneself

See definition of relieve



go to the toilet, go to the lavatory, excrete
urinate, pass water, wet one's bed, wet one's pants, wet oneself
cock its leg, lift its leg
defecate, discharge faeces, excrete faeces, pass faeces, have a bowel movement, have a BM, evacuate one's bowels, open one's bowels, void excrement
informal go, do it, spend a penny, have a leak, take a leak, shake hands with an old friend, answer the call of nature, pee, pee oneself, pee one's pants, piddle, have a piddle, widdle, have a widdle, tinkle, have a tinkle, do number two, do a pooh, do a whoopsie
British informal go to the loo, wee, have a wee, wee-wee, have a Jimmy, have a Jimmy Riddle, have a slash, have a wazz
North American informal whizz, take a whizz
vulgar slang piss, have a piss, crap, have a crap, shit, have a shit, dump, have a dump
technical micturate