Synonyms of seduce in English:


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1‘he took her to his tent where he seduced her’

persuade someone to have sexual intercourse, take away someone's innocence
rape, violate, debauch
lead astray, corrupt, deprave
informal bed, pop someone's cherry, tumble
euphemistic have one's way with, have one's wicked way with, take advantage of
literary ravish, deflower
archaic dishonour, ruin

2‘people are seduced by the packaging of inferior products’

attract, allure, lure, tempt, entice, beguile, cajole, wheedle, ensnare, charm, captivate, enchant, hypnotize, mesmerize, tantalize, titillate, bewitch, ravish, inveigle, lead astray, trap
manoeuvre, deceive, dupe