Synonyms of silly in English:


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1‘don't be so silly’

foolish, stupid, unintelligent, idiotic, brainless, mindless, witless, imbecilic, imbecile, doltish
imprudent, thoughtless, rash, reckless, foolhardy, irresponsible
mad, erratic, unstable, scatterbrained, feather-brained
flighty, frivolous, giddy, fatuous, inane, immature, childish, puerile, half-baked, empty-headed, half-witted, slow-witted, weak-minded
informal crazy, loopy, screwy, soft, brain-dead, cretinous, thick, thickheaded, birdbrained, pea-brained, pinheaded, dopey, dim, dim-witted, dippy, pie-faced, fat-headed, blockheaded, boneheaded, lamebrained, chuckleheaded, dunderheaded, wooden-headed, muttonheaded, damfool
British informal daft, dotty, scatty, divvy, dappy
Scottish, Northern English informal glaikit
North American informal dumb-ass, chowderheaded
South African informal dof
West Indian informal dotish
dated tomfool

sensible, rational

2‘that was a silly thing to do’

unwise, imprudent, thoughtless, foolish, stupid, idiotic, senseless, mindless, fatuous
rash, reckless, foolhardy, irresponsible, inadvisable, injudicious, ill-considered, misguided, inappropriate, illogical, irrational, unreasonable
hare-brained, absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, risible, farcical, preposterous, asinine
informal crazy
British informal daft

sensible, rational

3‘he would brood about silly things’

trivial, trifling, frivolous, footling, petty, niggling, small, slight, minor, insignificant, unimportant, inconsequential, of little account
informal piffling, piddling
North American informal small-bore


4‘he often drank himself silly’

senseless, insensible, unconscious, stupid, dopey, into a stupor, into oblivion, into senselessness, into a daze
numb, dazed, stunned, stupefied, groggy, muzzy


1‘come on, silly’

nincompoop, dunce, simpleton
informal nitwit, ninny, dimwit, dope, dumbo, dummy, chump, goon, jackass, fathead, bonehead, chucklehead, knucklehead, lamebrain, clod, pea-brain, pudding-head, thickhead, wooden-head, pinhead, airhead, birdbrain, scatterbrain, noodle, donkey
British informal silly billy, stupe, nit, clot, twit, berk, twerp
Scottish informal nyaff, sumph, gowk, balloon
North American informal bozo, boob, schlepper, goofball, goof, goofus, galoot, dumbhead, dumbass, lummox, dip, simp, spud, coot, palooka, poop, yo-yo, dingleberry
Australian, New Zealand informal drongo, dill, alec, galah, nong, bogan, poon, boofhead
South African informal mompara
informal, dated muttonhead, noddy
archaic clodpole, spoony, mooncalf