Synonyms of sissy in English:


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1‘I'd hate the other boys to think he was a sissy’

coward, weakling, milksop, namby-pamby, crybaby, baby, milquetoast
informal weed, softie, snowflake, pansy, ponce, nancy, chicken
British informal wet, mummy's boy, big girl's blouse, jessie, yellow-belly, funk
North American informal pantywaist, cupcake, pussy
Australian, New Zealand informal sook
South African informal moffie
archaic poltroon


1‘he felt sure his father would think the whole idea was sissy’

cowardly, weak, feeble, spineless, effeminate, effete, limp-wristed, womanish, unmanly, soft
wet, weedy, wimpish, wimpy, sissyish, queeny, sissified, swishy, yellow, yellow-bellied
North American candy-assed