Synonyms of slimy in English:


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1‘the floor was cold and slimy’

slippery, slithery, greasy, oozy, muddy, mucky, sludgy, miry
clammy, wet
sticky, viscous, viscid, mucilaginous, glutinous, mucous, mucoid
British dialect claggy
informal slippy, gunky, gooey, gloopy, gummy

2‘her slimy press agent’

obsequious, sycophantic, excessively deferential, subservient, fawning, toadying, ingratiating, unctuous, oily, oleaginous, greasy, reptilian, grovelling, cringing, toadyish, sycophantish, slavish, abject, craven, humble, Uriah Heepish, self-abasing
informal bootlicking, smarmy, sucky, soapy, forelock-tugging
North American informal brown-nosing, apple-polishing
British vulgar slang arse-licking, bum-sucking
North American vulgar slang kiss-ass, ass-kissing, suckholing