Synonyms of squabble in English:


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1‘there was a squabble over which way they should go’

quarrel, row, argument, fight, contretemps, disagreement, difference of opinion, dissension, falling-out, dispute, disputation, contention, clash, altercation, shouting match, exchange, war of words
tussle, conflict, fracas, affray, wrangle, tangle, passage at arms, passage of arms, battle royal
Irish, North American, Australian donnybrook
informal tiff, set-to, run-in, shindig, shindy, stand-up, spat, scrap, dust-up
British informal barney, slanging match, bunfight, ding-dong, bust-up, ruck
British informal afters
Scottish informal rammy
North American informal rhubarb
archaic broil, miff
Scottish archaic threap, collieshangie
archaic tracasserie, tracasseries


1‘the boys were squabbling over a ball’

quarrel, row, argue, bicker, have a fight, have a row, fight, fall out, disagree, fail to agree, differ, be at odds, have a misunderstanding, be at variance, have words, dispute, spar, wrangle, bandy words, cross swords, lock horns, be at each other's throats, be at loggerheads
informal scrap, go at it hammer and tongs, argufy
archaic altercate, chop logic
Scottish archaic threap