Synonyms of sweat in English:


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1‘he was drenched with sweat’

perspiration, moisture, dampness, wetness, lather
informal muck sweat
technical sudor, diaphoresis, hidrosis

2‘I was in a sweat to get away’

fluster, flutter, fret, fuss, panic, frenzy, fever, pother, state of anxiety, state of agitation, state of nervousness, nervous state, state of worry
informal state, flap, tizzy, tiz-woz, dither, stew, lather, twitter
North American informal twit

3‘they made their money from the sweat of the working classes’

labour, hard work, toil, toils, effort, efforts, exertion, exertions, industry, industriousness, drudgery, slog, the sweat of one's brow
back-breaking task, labour of Hercules
informal graft, grind, elbow grease


1‘the coat had made her so hot that she was sweating heavily’

perspire, swelter, exude perspiration, drip with perspiration, drip with sweat, be pouring with sweat, break out in a sweat, glow, be damp, be wet, secrete
informal be in a muck sweat, sweat buckets, sweat like a pig
rare sudate

2‘I've sweated over this for the last six months, and I'm not going to see that work wasted’

work hard, work, work like a Trojan, labour, toil, slog, slave, work one's fingers to the bone, keep one's nose to the grindstone
informal grind, graft, plug away, put one's back into something
archaic drudge

3‘I sweated over my mistakes’

worry, agonize, fuss, panic, fret, dither, lose sleep, be on tenterhooks, be in a state of anxiety, be in a state of agitation, be in a state of nervousness
informal be on pins and needles, be in a state, be in a flap, be in a tiz-woz, be in a stew, be in a lather, bite one's nails, torture oneself, torment oneself