Synonyms of the last word in English:

the last word

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1‘you'll marry my daughter over my dead body, and that's my last word’

final decision, summation, final statement, definitive statement, conclusive comment

2‘she turned, determined to leave having had the last word’

concluding remark, final remark, final say, closing statement, parting shot, Parthian shot

3‘the spa is the last word in luxury and efficiency’

the best, the peak, the acme, the epitome, the quintessence, the most fashionable, the most up to date, the latest, the newest
the pinnacle, the apex, the apogee, the cream, the ultimate, the height, the zenith, the utmost, the nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the ne plus ultra, the dernier cri, the beau idéal
archaic the nonesuch